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A $25 one-time fee gets you:
Lifetime Florida Artist Registration

Unlimited Image Display#

#See FAQ for image file details

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How To Become a Florida Artist Directory Member

It's easy to join the Florida Artist Directory. There are only three things you have to do:
1.) Be an artist from Florida;
2.) Join;
3.) Log in to your Gallery to
create albums, upload images, title them, write captions, keywords, descriptions, and more!

Q.) How does it work?
A.) First, you join with the Annual fee. Then, Admin will send you a User Name and Password to log in to your Artist Gallery. You log in to your Artist Gallery and upload your images, add captions, make more galleries, send E-cards, upload your original music and more.

Q.) Are there limits to the number of images/storage space I can upload into my Artist Gallery?
A.) Lifetime members have unlimited storage to display Florida art.
(NOTE: storage quota only for files used in your Gallery permitted!)

Q.) What types of files may be uploaded?
A.) Image: .bmp, .jpg, .gif; Audio: mp3, wav; Video: .mov, .wmv, .swf. However, some size limits are maintained for efficiency of the site. NOTE: All files must be less than 1,024 Kb. (Plenty for a sweet internet resolution!)

Q.) What is the annual fee?
A.) None! A Free Artist memberships is free. The Florida Artist Directory Artist Member fee is a one time charge of $25 usd, see rates above.

Q.) May I sign up just to donate and NOT put up an Artist Gallery?
A.) Yes. But why?

Q.) Can or may I sell my art through the Florida Artist Directory?
A.) We would have to take a cut and we don't want to do that so, no. A Shopping Cart is not available for artists at this time. If we get enough requests, we may be able to add e-commerce in the future.

Q.) May I link to my artist web site?
A.) Yes, talk it up! There are many options to add your name and website to the pages. You are able to link to your outside web site in your member profile. If you know html you may include links in your image captions and elsewhere. HINT: Check the help Florida Artist Directory Help icon! Click this to get help with the Florida Artist Directory !

Q.) What are the set-up fees?
A.) Free Artist is free! $25 for lifetime membership.

Q.) Are there My_Name @ email addresses to use?
A.) Not at this time, sorry but you can contact Admin and tell them you want one; perhaps it can be added in the future.

Q.) Is there any support for the Gallery User Interface?
A.) Help is located on the pages and you can always Email Us! but everything should be quite automatic!

Q.) Is it really only $25.00usd and nothing else?
A.) Yes!

Q.) Will Florida Artist Directory build my Gallery for me?
A.) Sorry, no! Each Member will be responsible for uploading their own images into their Gallery(ies).

Q.) Can Florida Artist Directory .com set up my Artist Gallery Web Site for me?
A.) We designed the site with self-sufficiency in mind. If you are really stuck and wnat to but can't, Contact us for pricing.

Q.) Can I put pornographic pictures in my Artist Gallery?
A.) Any Gallery deemed to have pornographic material per any USA laws in any jurisdiction will be removed and may possibly terminate the relationship with no refund. However, artistic freedom and the ability to create are a protective sanctity here at the Florida Artist Directory. So if your work contains nudity with artistic taste, we suggest a warning in good taste on the gallery image or caption so that parents and children, (minors as the legal dept. puts it), can be forewarned before entering that particular artist gallery.

Q.) Is it really a lifetime membership?
A.) Lifetime memberhsip is considered the lifetime of the website, not the Artist! Lifetime is deemed to mean the entire time that the website is operational. For whatever reason the site may shut down permanently this shall be considered an end of life event and thus enbding the lifetime of the website

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