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  Our mission at the Florida Artist Directory is to offer a web site for Florida artists to affordably display original works of Florida art online. Our secondary goal under this mission is for members and guests alike to have a pleasant, relaxing time viewing the rich variety of Florida Artists and their unique and original works of Florida art here at the Florida Artist Directory.  In conjunction with the presentation of a Florida Artist's work in the Florida Artist Directory, the Florida Artist Directory desires to be the largest online community of Florida Artists exhibiting original art online.


So after talking about online artist gallery web sites with artists at art shows, we couldn't believe what we were finding out: Everyone we met told us that they were paying $6.95-$49.95 every month and some even more! When they added credit card processing fees, domain name fees, and hosting fees, the annual costs incurred for each individual artist seemed out of control. We decided that there was a better way to organize artist web sites and online art galleries. We found a way where everyone should be able to afford hosting an image gallery of their artistic endeavors. A place where it isn't about the monthly fees, but about delivering a uniquely Florida approach to displaying artists from Florida and Florida Art.


And this is it! You found it! The difference here is that unlike other web sites, we are also artists, touring the country-side and city streets, setting up our booth, displaying our creations - possibly right next to yours. That's why we are committed to the Florida Artist Directory.  The displays in the Artist Galleries are designed to allow a varied experience of many styles of Floridian craftsmanship, talent, and diversity exclusively from Florida artists which leads us to our final mission goal: create a pleasing experience for visitors, guests, and Florida Artist Directory Artists. Won't you join us?













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